About Us

Holmes’ Haunted Homes was created in 2008 to bring high quality “animatronic” shows to Halloween audiences. We combine robotics, music, video, and physical effects to create fully automated performances that are fun for everyone. We never use blood, gore, or horror in our shows so they’re suitable for all ages.

Our shows have been amazing audiences in the city of St. Catharines, Ontario since they launched in 2008.

Audience members always walk away with a smile and one question…”how did they do that?”. The secret is in a combination of electric servos, pneumatic valves, video segments, and music, all controlled from a central computer. Work on each show begins months in advance with the construction of robotic characters, then moves on to stage construction, music recording, and programming.

Geoff HolmesGeoffrey Holmes is an award winning professional video director, editor, and 3D animator with over twenty years of experience. Over the last several years, his attention has been focused on presenting an annual Halloween spectacular in the Niagara Region of Canada that has garnered much media attention, local fans, and internet praise. As creator of the website “holmeshauntedhomes.com” and member of “Garage of Evil” he has offered advice and shared trade secrets with fellow haunters for years. He’s thrilled to be presenting his first lecture at MHC.

In 2011, we featured an excellent music selection performed by local composer Peter Shea on piano and vocals.

Geoffrey Holmes, Halloween enthusiast and creator of Holmes' Haunted Holmes.

Geoffrey with his wife Mandi dressed as Marilyn Munro for Halloween 2011.

Holmes' Haunted Holmes, St. Catharines Halloween show

Mandi Gould & Geoffrey Holmes Mandi Gould & Geoffrey Holmes

Geoffrey Holmes and Mandi Gould of Holmes' Haunted Homes